Thursday, October 2, 2014

It's Crochet Season!!

The heat index might be 100 degrees here in New Orleans, but I realize the rest of the northern hemisphere "might" have started cooling off by now.  I'm definitely seeing a pick up in crochet activity, so I figured it was time to get the yarn out of the attic, crank up the air conditioning, and start moving on some projects that have been hibernating during our 10-month long summer.  All for you, my fans.  You who live in cooler climates.  Hopefully a few sales will help accommodate for my higher electric bill to satisfy the masses with more patterns.  :)

So, what do you guys want this season?  Right now I'm working on a LYLAS cowl... yep, you heard right... Love You Like A Sister cowl.  It's actually two interlocking cowls that you can work on with a friend or simply make 2 and share with your non-crocheting best friend like me.

THAT should be coming soon.  But, what should come NEXT?  Give me some ideas.  I have a few, but I'd like the People to have a say.

Some ideas I'm contemplating right now:

  • Another man scarf.  You guys seem to love these.  Maybe there aren't enough in the marketplace.  The new idea is more drapey, single-color, and light to show off a textured pattern.
  • Fleur de lis beanie hat using cables.  I have yet to invent how this would actually work, but whatever will help my Saints, I will do...
  • Poop bag holder for my fellow dog-owners.  I need some fun ideas for this though.  No serious poop bag holders here.
  • Pillow cover with a textured scene, and eventually a complimentary set of squares that could be made into an afghan.
Which ones do you love/hate?  Any special requests?  Special requests that get made will get a free copy of that pattern or any other in my etsy shop.  :)

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