Thursday, January 16, 2014

Resolutions Update

Well, it's been two weeks since the start of the year, and it's time for an update.  As you might recall, I made a lot of resolutions (see them here).  I've already made some observations:

  • 1000 miles of fitness in a year isn't too difficult for an active person.  This is good news because when you combine all of the resolutions I will need at least one winner so that I don't feel like a miserable failure.  
  • No processed junk food is steering me in the right direction even though I've had one slip up thus far (and probably many more coming in the future).  I think the key is to recognize when these happen and what the causes are.  Slip up #1 was work stress.  Maybe the solution is to not work.  I guess that might cause some other problems though.
  • I really enjoy writing, however there is no way I would continue to write without this resolution.  The problem is that "real life" gets in the way.  I think I am most appreciative of this resolution as it's forcing me to prioritize some of my unstructured time toward something that I enjoy.
  • I really hate my disconnection resolution.  Really.  It's so hard!  I'm failing miserably even though I really want to try.  I can actually feel when I'm over-connecting and how it pulls away happiness, but I still do it like an addiction.  Maybe the first step is recognizing you have a problem?  If so, at least I have accomplished the first step.  What's the next step?  I could use some help here.  :)

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