Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The 12 Hats of Christmas

As some of you may know, I'm an avid triathlete.  Well, was an avid triathlete.  You see, I did Ironman Texas in May and haven't quite gotten the itch to be "avid" since then.  In the meantime, I need another endurance sport to pursue, so I have chosen crochet hat-making.

While this may be no true marathon, it will probably take about 26.2 hours to finish all 12 hats I intend to make in this challenge and may even come with some chaffage.  Hopefully not.  I can't imagine yarn chaffage would be good.

Without further ado, let the race begin...

My Hat Queue Status
* subject to change based on my whim, though I'm definitely open to suggestions from fans and friends
** sorry for the lack of pictures - I'm trying to follow copyright rules so I will post photos of my own projects when they are done - in the meantime, you can check out the official photos at the links below
  1. Women's Peaked Cap
  2. Felted Fedora from The Color Book of Felted Crochet
  3. Crochet Owl Hat for a toddler... or maybe an adult like me because it's so cute
  4. Campus Field Cap 
  5. Audrey's Lace Cap
  6. Lacey Newsboy Cap (I have no idea the real name - this is a Japanese pattern from this book)
  7. Puff Stitch Newsboy (ditto on the name - from this other Japanese crochet book)
  8. Slanting Stitches hat (photo is bad, but it looks cute when you roll up the brim)
  9. Princess Leia Bun Hat (Ravelry link, sorry for non-ravelers)
  10. Another TBD baby animal hat
  11. TBD
  12. TBD

  • Fan Lace Beanie (I have no idea the real name - this is a Japanese pattern from this book)
  • Fan puff stitch and flower cloche (ditto on the name - from this other Japanese crochet book)
  • Granny squares braided beanie (Ravelry link, sorry for non-ravelers)
  • Elegant hat
Please post links to any crocheted hats you think I should make in the comments!

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