Sunday, December 2, 2012

NOLA Christmas Baskets

One great advantage of living in New Orleans and having all your relatives elsewhere is that you can make super easy and pretty cheap gift baskets with various New Orleans/Louisiana/Creole type products.  Here is a basket I made which is easily customizable with your own preferences:

"Ingredients" all from Rouses:
$2.79  Slap Ya Mama spice mix
$1.39 French Market beignet mix (small, and not shown - I used CDM beignet mix in that basket)
$1.29 Shrimp Fry
$5.99 Community Coffee
$1.39 Jambalaya rice mix
$0.79 Crab Boil
$1.29 Creole-style red beans
$0.89 Crystal hot sauce
$0.99 Zapp's chips

Basket Kit
$4.99 from World Market

Total Cost = $21.80

I wrote "Joyeux Noel" on the tag as well as the English version, and attempted to draw a fleur de lis.  I also bought a few tea towels with "Gumbo" and "Bread Pudding" written on them, but that's just extras.  :)  Note:  I don't even use most of these products, but I wanted to give my family a good cross-section of the homemade food options.  Maybe some of you can use these ideas.  :)

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  1. Hello Sia - Hope you are enjoying NOLA, I don't have much reason to visit lately my daughter graduated and moved to Austin. Glad to see you are still crocheting! Come visit us at the shop if you come to Dallas. Have a Happy New Year!!


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