Thursday, December 30, 2010

Finally, I can share my crafty Christmas presents!

I was itching to share all my crochet fun in December but since a few of my "loved ones" read this blog, I couldn't risk them peaking at their presents.  I had so much fun this year because gifting gives me a chance to try out new or different patterns that I wouldn't normally try for myself but are perfect for friends and family, and I so love giving handmade gifts.  More good kharma!

First, I had fun with a few little amigurumi guys for the new baby nephews in the family - they became besties while hanging out under the Christmas tree and were a little sad to be split apart:

Next, I made several sets of washcloths and bathmitts to pair with some great Body Shop products (thank you, Groupon!).  These were perfect since they're a quick "hook", and they were fun since I designed them as I went (you can find the first pattern here and the second here)

Since I have to pay homage to my beloved Japanese crochet and I wanted a really fun gift for my mom who is a fellow crocheter, I made a flower tape measure cozy - both my mom and grandmom got a kick out of it!

For the padre, I was really excited to try out the Aztec scarf to learn this new technique where each side has a different pattern even though you're only crocheting one layer - it really got the creative juices flowing so I'm hoping I can come up with some really unique designs in the future.

For the boyfriend's cold feet, I decided to stitch up Doris Chan's slippers - the gauge was tricky but I'm happy to report that they fit perfectly!

This crocheted Julie cuff was a great pattern find - I hope to make more in several other fun colors in the future.

And finally, the masterpiece weightless wrap for my grandmother in Tunisian crochet with an alpaca "mohair" yarn.  It took a bit of time but was worth the effort.  Now if only she would actually wear it instead of saving it for "special occasions".  :)

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  1. I LOVE my tape measure cozy! Who woulda thought? And the wrap you made for your grandmother was beautiful!!



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