Monday, November 8, 2010

Reviving fugly projects

Only after exposing my entire yarn stash to my boyfriend was I embarassed enough to finally do something about it.  First item on the list:  kill or finish the fugly sampler afghan.  Probably about 10 years ago when I was getting into crochet again (as an adult), I bought a pattern with one million squares of stitch samples (okay maybe it had a few less than one million but I like saying that while I put my pinky next to my mouth like Dr. Evil).  I also bought one billion yards of super ugly super cheap acrylic yarn (heretoforth to be referred to as SUSCAY) which I can't even stand to look at anymore - what was I thinking?  They don't even make that stuff anymore thank Zeus.  (No, Greeks are no longer pagan - I just wanted to mess with you).  The pattern has since been misplaced or lost but I already had 21.33 squares completed.  Despite the fugliness, I was self guilt-tripping at the thought of getting rid of it without piecing it together first.  Call me crazy if you like.

So, I pieced together a fugly afghan (now a fugly baby afghan since I only had 21.33 of the one million squares) despite my long to-do list and the fact that I really have no desire to keep it.  What the heck.  It grew on me.  Kind of like how super ugly dogs end up being cute.  I figure I can at least donate it to a womens' shelter so that my time would have been spent on good kharma stuff.  That makes me happy.  Seriously.  I'm all about the "making the world a better place" type of stuff.  The rest of the SUSCAY is going to Goodwill.  Maybe someone will like it. 

Good Kharma Baby Afghan (previously known as Fugly Baby Afghan)
(shot far enough away to not see SUSCAY details)


  1. I can never get the blocks/squares to match up right- one looks bigger, or is too thick, or is too small, too thin.. it always ends up looking like a child's project or collage.. but yours does not look bad- I think it looks great! If you are donating, maybe a shelter for women and kids? Or for women with babies? It looks warm and I know any mom down on their luck would love to have a handmade blanket for their child.. Just a thought.

  2. That's exactly what I wanted to do - donate to a women's shelter where it can be used and appreciated with love. :) Thanks for your compliments - I remember having to measure each block as I went and redo if my gauge was off. It wasn't fun!

  3. I do a connecting border down each row and column of blocks to kind of 'unite' the squares and around the whole blanket edge and it helps to make the blocks look less misshapen. I'm horrible at keeping a good gauge for a whole project, so the border really tidies things up.


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