Friday, November 5, 2010

Peer Pressure

Alas, I have posted on my first blog (technically my second after a failed attempt about 8 years ago or whenever people started dropping blog bombs).  You see, this is not my idea.  I must blame... um give credit to... several friends who have pressured me with the advice "oh you should write a blog" (double eagle prime suspects:  Jenn, Gigi).  You see, I hate sounding like I am full of myself and that everyone wants to listen to me.  However, after seeing several crochet designers with blogs who wrote about other things as well, I reconsidered that potentially ego-smashing advice and realized "oh yeah, this could work - and maybe spread the joy of stitchin'... and bii-atching". 

Maybe it will also help give confidence to those other slow poke athletes out there that yes indeed it is still possible to finish a marathon or even Ironman race.  I mean, how many of you have come in fourth to last in a race?  Exactly.  You too can be an Ironman (unless maybe you're in the 0.05% who may finish behind me but remember people with no legs have done it so why are you complaining?)

Okay I'm done.  Here's to a not-total-and-complete-failure!


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